GuideVision Delivery Manager for Sweden Niklas Nilsson has a rare perspective on ServiceNow. He has worked both for ServiceNow customers and now for a solution provider. His insights are the topic of the new GuideVision Insider podcast.

Nordic Business' attitudes to consultants 

"I think that's a general, at least in the Nordics, that we like to listen to the actual experts because we know that we aren't the experts and we usually aren't afraid to say that."

Digital transformation in the Nordic region

"In general, every company in the Nordics knows that they need to do a digital transformation, and most bigger companies have a digital transformation plan. I wouldn't say they're doing good. But they're at least on the right track."

"Getting all the way, that seems to be the difficult part, and doing it correctly, because digital transformation is just a word.... You need to figure out how do you transform your business. There's no playbook for exactly your type of business. You need to figure out: How do I do it for my business?"

The need for end-user buy-in

"I was there two months after the Go-Live. But by then no one was using it. It was there, it was implemented, but no one was using it. No one internally, no one externally. ... And that has always been a challenge for me in every company I've ever seen that is using ServiceNow. They all implement it. Now comes the actual adoption of it. That's always the bigger journey, I think. To get everyone to actively start using ServiceNow the way it's meant to be used."

Working with solution providers as one team

"To be a user of ServiceNow, you cannot have that knowledge of every single part of the platform. So you practically need a vendor for ServiceNow because if you want to get full usage out of ServiceNow, you need to use the best practices and you cannot have all of those resources internally. You need to strike a balance, and you definitely need an in-house ServiceNow team that can manage the platform, own the platform, but then you need a supplier for it to actually do all the hard work."

The GuideVision Insider podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, and you can watch a video version on YouTube and the GuideVision website (

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