• IT Service Management

  • IT Operations Management

  • Strategic Portfolio Management

  • Integrated Risk Management

  • Customer Service Management

  • GuideVision will help you unleash innovation with ServiceNow and modernize and transform your IT service delivery. ServiceNow's built-in industry best practices (ITIL) and guided setup help to achieve short implementation times. Its rich functionality and the ease of use of the end user portal provides a wide range of self-service capabilities, easing the pressure on the service desk. Visual task boards make prioritization and assignment as simple as drag‑and‑drop, and you gain full control over your IT services landscape without any infrastructure challenges.

    Harness ServiceNow's power to modernise and transform your IT service delivery, provide consistently great service and increase productivity. Explore solutions:

  • Outages and disruptions of business services can impact customers, partners, and employees equally, causing financial losses and damage to a company’s reputation. The ServiceNow IT Operations Management applications follow a service-aware approach to eliminate possible outages, and enable IT to proactively address issues and quickly respond to incidents.

    Turn IT into a proactive business partner. Gain visibility into your operations footprint, manage service health, and optimize service delivery and spend. Explore solutions:

  • ServiceNow’s Strategic Portfolio Management applications cover IT Financial Management, Project and Portfolio Management and Application Portfolio Management. These tools help to better manage demand, balance resources, manage agile and waterfall projects, perform budget planning, and map costs to technical and business services. When combined they enable an IT department to be run as a business unit and aligned better with the rest of the company.

    Drive your strategic portfolio planning and execution. Align work to business priorities, redirect spending to critical apps, and speed time to value. Explore solutions:

  • With more and more companies embracing the digital transformation, timely and effective approaches to risk management become more important than ever. The digital world we embrace can change in risks and regulations at the drop of a hat. With a powerful application like ServiceNow, staying on top of these changes becomes a painless and efficient endeavour.

    ServiceNow IRM goes beyond traditional, compliance-driven GRC technology solutions to provide actionable insights that are aligned with business strategies, not just regulatory mandates. Explore benefits:

  • ServiceNow’s Customer Service applications help organizations to deliver effortless service, and to increase customer satisfaction while proactively reducing case volumes and costs. It connects departments, workflows, and systems, helping to resolve underlying issues and to automate services across the enterprise.

    Elevate your customer service from request to resolution. Connect customer service with other teams to resolve issues quickly and proactively. Explore solutions:

  • Incident Management

  • Problem Management

  • Change and Release Management

  • Asset Management

  • Service Catalog

  • Knowledge Management

  • The ServiceNow Incident Management application provides streamlined tools to quickly restore services in case of an unplanned outage or degradation.

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  • With the ServiceNow Problem Management application, companies can minimize the business impact of service outages and take preventive actions against future disruptions.

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  • ServiceNow Change and Release Management applications reduce the cost and risk of rapid, ongoing changes, simplify the life of change managers, and ensure harmonized activity and data flows, mitigating the risks of unplanned or uncontrolled changes.

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  • The ServiceNow Asset Management application tracks all financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware, software, and virtual infrastructure – including non-IT assets – throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

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  • The ServiceNow Service Catalog application enables a high level of automation and effective and efficient management of workflows and approvals, which results in improved customer experience, faster service delivery, and reduced operational costs.

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  • The ServiceNow Knowledge Management application makes it easy to find and to create knowledge items and documents. It can capture knowledge from the whole organization and makes it easily available for all employees.

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  • Discovery

  • Service Mapping

  • Event Management

  • Orchestration

  • Configuration Management Database

  • The ServiceNow Discovery application creates an accurate, up‑to‑date single system of record for the customer’s infrastructure and provides complete visibility into your on‑premise and cloud resources.

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  • ServiceNow’s patented “top-down” discovery service mapping approach will map the relationships between IT components that comprise specific business services, even in dynamic, virtualized environments.

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  • Reduce event noise generated by monitoring tools by using predictive intelligence such as machine‑learning techniques to correlate events and produce actionable alerts and incidents.

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  • The ServiceNow Orchestration application lets you increase agility by automating IT and business processes for operations management.

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  • The ServiceNow CMDB application provides a single system of record for IT and provides full visibility to infrastructure and services, leading to more control of the IT environment and ultimately to better decisions.

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  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Demand Management

  • Resource Management

  • The ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management application gives you visibility into all your demand, resources, and project portfolios so that you can better align your efforts with your corporate strategy, work faster, and enhance resource allocation across every project.

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  • The ServiceNow Demand Management application centralizes strategic business and IT requests, streamlining the investment decision process for new products, services, repairs, and enhancements.

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  • The ServiceNow Resource Management application helps project and resource managers to create plans, to request staffing for projects, and to assign people to specific tasks. It provides a consolidated view of staff availability, allocation, and capacities for all work tracked in any ServiceNow application.

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  • Improve business resilience

  • Gain real-time visibility

  • Increase productivity

  • Communicate effectively

  • GuideVision can help

  • Empower risk-based decisions across the enterprise with a unified data environment. Give the front line easy access to insights and tasks via chat, mobile apps, and portals.

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  • Use continuous monitoring and business continuity management to minimize business disruption and drive action for high-risk areas, noncompliance, and vendor status changes.

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  • Boost productivity with automated, cross-functional workflows; artificial intelligence; and consumer-like user experiences. Reduce errors and costs, while increasing focus on higher-value tasks.

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  • Align resilience initiatives with leaders across your organization. Effectively convey your risk posture with dynamic dashboards that integrate risk and resilience information.

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  • Are you ready to simplify your approach to integrated risk management? Perhaps you’ve already made the move into this powerful platform. In either case, GuideVision is here to support you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you realize the true power of the ServiceNow IRM cloud application.

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  • Engage customers across channels

  • Offer self-service

  • Deliver customer service as a team sport

  • Identify issues before they occur

  • Anticipate trends and deliver proactive service

  • Provide end-to-end customer service

  • Connect with customers over their channel of choice—web, telephone, chat, text, or social media—anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

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  • Deliver automated solutions with the service catalog, and provide additional self-service options with integrated Virtual Agent, Knowledge Management, and Communities.

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  • Resolve issues faster and fix the root cause of issues by connecting customer service to other departments with the visual task board, workflow, and automation.

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  • Visualize the health of IoT connected devices using ServiceNow® Operational Intelligence to identify issues before they occur.

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  • Use dashboards and analytics to visualize trends and manage problems potentially affecting many customers with major issue management to resolve issues before customers encounter them.

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  • Add Field Service Management and ServiceNow® Project Portfolio Management for increased visibility and accountability across teams.

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