Have you ever experienced an implementation delivery that didn’t go completely according to expectations? Expectations are highly subjective, so let's talk openly about areas where deliveries don’t meet 100% of expected goals, and how we can prevent surprises. Deliveries typically start with analysis, turning ideas and requirements into stories, processes into workflows, and priorities into time schedules. Every link of the chain has its own importance and deliverables. So why are there unexpected or unpredictable deliveries, especially if we understand the importance of the work and we invest enough time and effort to be successful?

We know that every successful delivery should start at the strategic level, but in this webinar, we’ll try to stay low. We’ll focus on potential delivery-related difficulties that can have an impact on overall delivery quality in the short term, and on the trusted and functional relationship between a customer and an implementation partner in the long term.

In this webinar, we’ll share our views on why customers and implementation partners perceive project objectives differently, why implementations end up both unreliable and with a lot of bugs, and why, according to partners, some deliveries sound impossible. Then we’ll talk about how to cope with all of this.

We’ll talk about the following:

  • Where to focus your attention to avoid implementation difficulties
  • How to identify the root causes of faulty deliveries
  • How to baseline the same level of understanding regarding project deliverables
  • What makes a client-partner relationship functional and strong

Should you have any questions regarding ServiceNow topics, do not hesitate to CONTACT US!

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